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Q:  What is Faction Racing all about?

A:  Love of cycling. Training. Riding. Teammates. Racing. Celebrate. Growth


Q:  Is Faction Racing primarily a Road team?

A:  No way!!  We’re passionate about cycling and will be supporting Road, XC Mountain bike, and Cyclocross (Heckling included…only on the course)


Q:  Is there a try-out to be on the Team?

A:  No, there’s no try-out…let’s save that energy for the Race!  Faction Racing was formed as a competitive team to attract enthusiastic and committed racers (and aspiring racers) to train, ride, strategize and ultimately compete together…United!


Q:  If I sign up, how will I get the attention I need to grow, progress and integrate with teammates in my race category and discipline?

A:  Great question, and to simplify the answer wouldn’t do it justice.  Everyone learns differently and at different rates, so we will be establishing team infrastructure to ensure attention and focus by category and discipline.  It will take shape in the form of having a teammate appointed as a Captain for each category.  Their role will be to communicate, encourage, critique, collaborate and lead by example on the rides and races.  There will also be a team page set up where questions can be asked, clarified and experiences shared from a wealth of race knowledge.  We are also partnering with cycling specific and strength coaching that can be planned as a group or 1-on-1.

Q:  What does the term sponsored and non-sponsored mean?

A:  All committed Faction racers with receive some benefits whether sponsored or non-sponsored.  Athletes who wish for additional support can apply for sponsorship.  Those athletes who are selected for sponsorship will receive additional benefits and support towards racing.

Q:  How are requests for sponsorship reviewed and approved?

A:  Requests for sponsorship and attached race resumes will be reviewed by the Faction Racing Race Directors. Sponsored athletes will be selected based on their athletic background, past racing experience, and race results.

Q:   I’ve signed up…what’s next?

A:   So next steps for the team will be compiling the team roster which we’ve targeted the first week of December.  Shortly thereafter, team communications will be sent out and team pages engaged!  Be ready, because in December we will be holding fit kit sessions to try on clothing, placing orders and providing options for team bikes, helmets and shoes.(The race kit is the only requirement, all other purchases are optional).


Q:  What if…?  What about…?  How does….?   Suppose I…?

A:  For all other questions please email

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